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VUSDR DIY Workshop at Chennai | March 14 and 15

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VUSDR DIY Workshop at Chennai | March 14 and 15

PostAuthor: Admin » Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:27 pm

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We are happy to announce that a jointly organised ,two days SDR transceiver workshop is planned to conduct on March 14 and 15 at Chennai


    This DIY workshop is organised by:

  • LARC(Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club) Hyderabad:

    Workshop Guidance and classes

  • SIARS(South India Amateur Radio Society) Chennai


    1. Software Defined Radio Transceiver?

      Yes! This is an amateur radio transceiver that operates on all the HF amateur bands. It is a software defined radio, meaning that it uses a computer to control the radio, to demodulate the signals received, and to modulate the signal transmitted. The computer control and signals in and out go through the USB connection, the antenna connects to the hardware, the microphone and headphones/speakers are connected to the computer, and a morse key or iambic paddle to the hardware for sending Morse code.

      VUSDR Main exciter PCB

      VUSDR at VU2IT

      VUSDR at VU2IT: PowerSDR
    2. Who is the resource person?

      This multiband SD radio named as VUSDR ZAZ is developed by Dr B.N.A.M Naidu, VU2ZAZ, Hyderabad from a proven design of a single band SDR transceiver called Peaberry designed by AE9RB

    3. Technical Specifications/Features?

      VUSDR ZAZ Software Defined Radio transceiver includes:
      • ADC and DAC circuits. You do not need to add sound cards to your computer.
      • 96kHz digital I/Q interface.
      • Two tone, 2 kHz spacing, third-order dynamic range: 99 dB.
      • Multiband design,All Mode transceiver SSB,AM,CW,WSPER,FM,DRM etc
      • DG8SAQ/PE0FKO/SoftRock control interface.
      • Open Source firmware.
      • USB bootloader.
      • Single USB interface with Hardware and Computer
      • TX output is 5W

    4. Schedule of Workshop?

      The workshop is scheduled for 14th(Saturday) and 15st(Sunday)of March 2015,

    5. What preparation i should have when i attend the workshop,or what i have to bring for the workshop?

      You have to bring a ceramic tipped ,pointed soldering iron and a magnification loupe for the workshop. All components and PCB's will be supplied by us.No cabinet and power supply will be provided.

    6. I have no prior experience in soldering and homebrewing, can i attend?

      This is a bit difficult project requires soldering of SMD components. If you have some experience with normal through hole components and have the basic skills in homebrewing, then you can definitely attend. Also keep in mind that this is not a plug and play device, you need to get a linear amplifier, a power supply , a good antenna and a PC with an SDR software to get this working.
    7. What I have to spend for this attending this workshop?

      The total cost per head will come around INR 8750/-,
    8. Is there a kit available for me to assemble myself at home rather than attending the workshop?

      Yes, A kit is available with Sasi, VU3ELR for 8000/-, do contact him for availability and payment. For the DIY workshop, we are accommodating people who are registered with us only. Amount will be slightly higher for workshop,as it may require to arrange facilities for the workshop
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    9. Why a workshop?

      Workshop is a two day program where you will acquire skills in SMD soldering, Testing and trouble shooting your SDR kit. It also include Software tweaking and common hardware tips from the resource person. Dr Naidu will guide you the entire two days until your radio is up and transmitting on air

    10. Any optional accessories?

      BPF is not included with the QRP exciter board, for higher power outputs you will need a BPF/LPF addon. This board is available with us and can be switched using the USB bandpass controller in the main board
    11. What is the maximum intake

      Maximum intake is 10, and the seat will be reserved in a first pay,first serve basis.
    12. Is this a business?

      Nope! Ham Radio is strictly non-profit and we are!

    13. Do I need to register before? Where to register

      Yes you have to register before and payment should be done after enquiring the availability with us.
    14. I just want to accompany a friend,do I need a registration?

      Yes! you must register(free) and the registration should be approved by the committee.
    15. Where to remit the amount?

      The amount should be remitted to the account of

      ICICI Account Number 002001042125
      Name: Suresh Karuppusamy.
      Branch: Velachery, Chennai. IFSC Code:ICIC0000385

    16. Whom to contact?
      Suresh Karuppusamy 09176694644
      Sinosh 08807299989
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Need for SDR review

PostAuthor: lawrence » Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:16 pm

We received the telecasting programmees with the noise when we take the Ordinary Radio receiver
Closer to the any electronic devices(CPU). My doubt is if I use SDR(software defined Radio) may I receive the telecasting programmees without noise? Please reply who ever before using this.
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Re: VUSDR DIY Workshop at Chennai | March 14 and 15

PostAuthor: Admin » Fri Mar 06, 2015 1:12 pm

Hello Lawrence,

PC can induce some sort of noise to radio, and many desktops may not be useful for installing an SDR with that. But SDR has an advantage of eliminating a lot interference by using an intelligent DSP program
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Re: VUSDR DIY Workshop at Chennai | March 14 and 15

PostAuthor: lawrence » Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:38 am

Thank you for your information sir. I really miss this great opportunity.
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